Villa Brongbong - Bali
Luxury of a 5* hotel and privacy of a villa

Villa, garden & staff

The Villa and the garden

The villas have been built in 2012/2013. From May 2013 (Brongbong Villa Pantai) and October 2013 (Villa Brongbong Rimba), the villas are available for guests. The villa is spacious, open and comfortable. The thatched roof provides insulation and the large double doors invite for a cool breeze blowing through the house. The plan ensures that the villas feel spacious and free. The villa fits perfectly with the tropical garden surrounding the villa. A large roof (almost like a cathedral) covers the bedrooms, bathrooms and hallway.

All wood is hardwood and all stone is natural stone. Several ornaments in the house come from Ubud. You'll stay in a villa where huge timber and manual labor is used. Do you have interest in a house in Bali, please contact Tropis Living in Lovina, but the staff can also provide an introduction.

The garden includes an enormous assortment of plants, shrubs and trees. Ranging from various types of grass to dozens of flowers, fruit trees and all kinds of palms. The tall palms are still original of construction. Since the maintenance of the garden is time consuming, three full-time gardeners are working in the garden.

The gardeners can inform you about the names of the various plants and shrubs. In the garden you can also find a Bale Benong, a comfortable resting place. At Villa Brongbong Pantai you will find a Jacuzzi at the seaside. The gardeners do not only work in the garden, but also take care for the pool. Everything is neat and clean again for a new day.


Dealing with the staff (and other Balinese people)

Bali has a long cultural history. Many traditions have been used for centuries. Many peoples have dominated Bali, but the Balinese has always been like reeds, sometimes bent but never snapped. A proud people, proud of its history and its nature.

Balinese people want to fulfil your request, but they cannot do it not always. They say yes, but sometimes they mean something else. It takes some time to understand it. To check whether a message has been understood, you can request to repeat the question. But there will always be the smile, everyone is friendly and personable.

Working hours and free day

Villa Brongbong has staff, working in principle for 6 days a week. Their day off is determined in consultation with you. If you wish, it can be arranged that every day a person from housekeeping is available. As Villa Brongbong has three gardeners, every day at least one of the gardeners will be present.

Bali has no holidays. On the other hand, there are regular ceremonies in Bali, so it is possible that the above principles will not be complied. It is normal that on the day of an important ceremony, the whole staff or just one member of the staff will not be available. Staff will inform you on time and will always look for a solution if there is any problem. We thank you for your understanding.


The ladies of housekeeping will prepare breakfast. Please inform them if you have any special wishes for breakfast. In the menu are several options included, but if you want something else, feel free to ask them. After breakfast, the bedrooms and bathrooms will be cleaned, beds will be made and other work done. Normally, the beds will be changed twice a week, but if you have other wishes, also please inform the staff. Towels and beach towels, are replenished as needed.

After cleaning the rooms, one of the staff will offer at the little temple in the garden. If you like, you can have a look and ask questions. The staff members appreciate the interest. More offering will be made later in the day. The staff is not intended for example "room service" or "pool service", but they will gladly willing to pour a drink or example to have a look to the kids. Although the children and the staff usually do not speak the same language, this never appears to be a problem.

Lunch will also be prepared by the staff and some ideas you will find again in the menu. Once again, if you want something else, let the staff know. After lunch, the ladies take a moment's rest (in the scullery) and are available from about 16.00. Do you have urgent questions, of course you can request them.

Regarding to the dinner you will find also a number of suggestions in the menu . Are you with several guests than we kindly ask you not to choose for each guest a separate dish. Namely, it is almost impossible for our staff to make it all ready. Our suggestion is to choose to a maximum of two meat/fish dishes and a maximum of two vegetables dishes. Fried rice and noodles are always possible, same for French fries. Dinner is usually served between 18:00 – 19.00. Staff will work untill 20.00 in the villa. If you want to have a look in the kitchen, help a bit or maybe you want to get some cooking advice on Balinese cuisine, then this is also possible.

If you are a day absent and/or do not use lunch or dinner, please indicate this to the staff.

Staff can also do your "daily" washing. Note: washing takes place at your own risk and responsibility. If you have a lot of clothes, or rather want to run any risk, please use a "laundry service ".


However you're at Villa Brongbong extremely safe, there is security present. The security is in principle available daily from 19.00 - 06.00. When the security has his weekly day off, then one of the gardeners will take it over. If you want not to be disturbed by the security, for example if you want a skinny dip, just inform the security.


The staff is employed by the villa. If you're happy with the staff, a tip will be highly appreciated. Often people ask us what is common, but that is entirely up to you. To give you an indication, Rph. 75,000 to Rph. 150,000 per staff member ( that actually worked for you) a week are normal amounts. If you have a longer stay, you can probably also pass between or at the end of your holiday. But again, whether or not tipping and the height, is entirely up to yourself.

Swimming pool

The gardeners, as described before, make sure the pool is always clean and sufficient chlorine is added. During heavy and long rainfall the pool will overflow. That in itself is no problem, the gardener and security know how to drain excess water.

If you go swimming and you used sunscreen or other creams, please first use the (outdoor) shower before swimming. Or wait long enough so that the cream is fully retracted into the ski, this to the benefit of the water of the pool and the machinery. We highly recommend for children to wear a "surf shirt" to prevent sunburn.

Please note that tiles can be slippery.

Finally, we request you urgently not to use any glassware in or directly with the pool. In case a glass breaks, then in principle the entire pool will have to get empty to get the last shards out of the pool. We do not appreciate it, but for yourself (or next guests) it also means that you cannot use the pool for a few days.

Water and electricity

In Bali, running water and electricity are not that regular as you might believe. Water is pumped up and electricity is very expensive. It would be highly appreciated if you care for a proper use. Please do not turn or leave the air conditioning on when you are not in the bedroom. Let fans and other devices not running unnecessarily. If you turn the air conditioning on half an hour before you use the bedroom, you will have a lovely cool bedroom. Turn the timer on and you do not get it cold in the night. You will find a short explanation for the use of the air conditioning in the room.

We also kindly ask you to turn off the lights in the parts where you are not yet present. In the event there is no electricity, there are rechargeable flashlights available.

The water from the tap can only be used for cooking and is not suitable for drinking. Use for drinking water only the water dispenser or bottled water.


The staff has the keys to the villa and ensures that you always have access to the property. If you leave the house in the absence of the staff, make sure that you have a key so you always have access and can close the doors.

Safe deposit

For safe storage of money, securities and other valuables, the rooms have a safe deposit. At the safe deposit you will find an instruction how to you use it and how you can enter your own personal code. Remember to empty the safe deposit on departure and to leave the door open.


We hope no accidents will happen and no damage occurs. If this accidentally would be the case, please report it to the staff so that they can repair or replace.

Internet, music & television

The villa has free internet via Wifi. The staff will inform you for the code and it can be found in the villa. In the villa we have pretty good internet, but please understand that you are in Bali! Normally the speed is 5 Mbps, but it is possible that internet is just not working for some minutes. We are sorry for it, but cannot change or solve this.  

Also take into consideration the fact that the IP-address can change. For some internetsites or programs, this means you have to login again.

In the villa are several speakers ("portable boombox") that can be connected to your smartphone or tablet. This way you can choose yourself and listen to music via bluetooth.

We have no sattelite-television. You can use your own device to look Netflix, YouTube or television channels you are used to. 

Smoke, fire & BBQ

The villa is non-smoking and smoking is prohibited inside.

Be careful with fire because most houses have a thatched roof which are extremely flammable. The use of open flames are not permitted.

Is there a party, for example New Year or whatever, insert no fireworks near the villas. Also, all the neighbours have houses with highly combustible roofs and all owners see their property rather not go up in flames. We urge you to comply with this request.

If you want you can use the gas BBQ. Please arrange this with the staff. Staff can also inform you where you can buy good BBQ meat and fish.

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