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Here you will find more information about:

  • Grocery & local market
  • Money & ATM
  • Tourist police
  • Transport
  • General practicioner & dentist
  • Embassies in Bali

Grocery & local market

Basically, the staff does the shopping for breakfast, lunch and dinner, when it comes to local products. The staff can give you an indication of the amount needed. They will keep records of their household expenses and all receipts are kept.

For other grocery, you can also ask the staff, but it is definitely an experience to visit a store. Shops are incomparable to what we are used to. In Serririt, you will find the Hardy's supermarket where you can buy just about all normal food items and a lot of non-food items. Also in Serririt, there is a large market. One of the staff members could go with you to familiarize you the first time. We really advice you to do shopping, it is definitely worth it! There is also a Carrefour in Singaraja, a nice organized shop with a good fresh food department.

Do you just want to get a drink, chips or ice cream, there are also various small supermarkets and warungs along the way, both when you go from Villa Brongbong left or right. Some examples the Indomaret or Alfamart.

In Lovina, Buda bakery offers very nice bread and some dairy products. Especially for breakfast, they have delicious bread. If you wish to order for breakfast, please indicate this on time by the staff. Lovina Bakery offers bread, meat and dairy products and all kinds of western products. This shop is a little more expensive.

Pepito in Lovina - open from 7 - 23 - is a neat store with western products. The freezer is full of meat and fish. Also, wine, and distilled beverages can be purchased here. Lovina has also a liquor store Alcovina, where a lot of wines, champagne and liquor can be bought. The wines and other drinks in the fridge are also from Alcovina.

The price of alcoholic beverages is very high due to the alcohol excise. Local whiskey, brandy, rum, gin and vodka are however a bit cheaper, but have less flavour. Try the Arak (40 %), to mix with sprite or orange. The beer (on a fairly regular price) is available in cans and bottles. The best brand is Bintang, is very similar to Heineken, tastes like Heineken and is from Heineken.

If the staff has been shopping for you, a small fee will be charged for the gasoline (about Rph. 10,000 / 15,000). You may understand that a scooter is not a truck and that it is not possible to carry several shopping carts full of groceries.

Money / ATM

If you want to buy something, you need money. Unlike in Europe, you cannot just pin here at the pay desk. Also your credit card will not be used that much in Lovina-area. If it is already accepted, a charge of about 3% will apply. Everywhere you can easily pay with cash!

It will be necessary to withdraw money at an ATM. In Serririt are several cash machines (ATMs) of bank GNI, Mandarin or BCA. The ATM gives only a limited amount per time, usually Rph. 2,000,000 in 50,000 or 100,000 bills. You can pin several times. The ATM's are English, choose "from saving account". Also in Celukan Bawang (drive to the road and turn right).

Note that some banks block pinning outside Europe for fraud sensitivity. This can of course be unblocked, but you must request your bank before you go abroad.

Tourist Police

After arrival, staff will request two photocopies of your passport. Guests must namely always be registered with the tourist police. This is confirmed by an official document you will receive from the staff. This tax is included in the rent.If you have photocopy with you, that's no problem. Staff will ask your passports and arrange a photocopy.

Auto / scooter / driver / public transport

A stay at the villa is lovely, but of course you will also go out. In some cases, you will be picked up (for example if you go snorkelling or have a tracking with Putu Mayong), in other cases you arrange the transport yourself or you ask staff.

For everyday transportation and/or trips the staff can arrange transport for you. We work with a regular driver, and if he is not available another known person will drive. Staff can provide you a list for day trips with target prices. Most drivers speak quite good English and can also be your local guide.

It is also possible to drive yourself and to hire a car or scooter. Although we do not advise to rent a car (and drive yourself), it is possible. The staff can be helpful, but of course you can also arrange it yourselves.

A ride on the scooter, however, is an absolute must! You can arrange with the staff the rental of one or more scooters. Please note that this rent is without any form of insurance and we are not liable for any accident.

In all cases, both if you drive yourself on a scooter or a car, you need next to your normal driving license a valid international driving license. Oh, and they drive here at the left side!

If you would rather go with the "public transport" then you can use the so-called Bemo's, in this region usually blue in colour. If you walk along the road and put your hand up, the van will stop and you can go along for a small amount, from Rph. 10,000 per person, for example to Lovina. This Bemo's drive during the day until about 18.00.

Weather and time difference

Since Bali is located near the equator, there is a tropical humid climate with small temperature fluctuations. It is almost always around 30 degrees Celsius. There are two seasons where the difference is mainly the amount of rainfall: the dry season between - globally - March and September and the rainy season between November and February. In the north it is generally warmer than in the south.

In winter in Bali it is 7 hours later than in Europe. During the summer it is six hours later. In Bali they do not know summer- and wintertime.

General Practitioner and dentist

In case you need a doctor or dentist, we advise to arrange it via the staff. They can call the doctor so that he is aware of your arrival, or can come to the villa, if necessary.

We recognize for a GP to contact Dr. I. Made Widiadnyana in Lovina. He is well known and speaks English. He has also a pharmacy, so you can get your medications directly. Please note the pharmacy does not have all medications known to us, so please ensure you take your “daily medication” from home with you.

In Singaradja is dentist Dr. Hilda. If necessary, staff can then make an appointment for you. Dr. Hilda has worked for several years as a dentist in the Netherlands and is now settled in Bali.

You will have to pay the doctor in cash. Ask for a note, so you may request for a refund with your insurance. The rates of the doctor are generally reasonable.

In Singaradja are several hospitals including the Rumah Sakit Umum Parama Sidhi (0362 29787).

You can find an international hospital located in the south of Bali: BIMC Hospital, address Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 100X, Kuta, 24-hours accessible via phone: 0761263.

Embassies and consulates in Bali

Several consulates are located in Bali. For a list click here.

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